Welcome to Motiva

MOTIVA is a European project of the Erasmus + 2016 call that aims to boost business skills through the use of a platform in the cloud defined in collaboration with the users themselves. More specifically we want to improve students’ creativity, collaborative skills, awareness and effectiveness, motivation and perseverance, and their ability to mobilize others, work with others, plan and manage tasks, and learn from experience. We believe that these are interdisciplinary and generic goals. This means that in general, all courses can contribute. We intend to develop teaching materials to support teachers of any discipline, with students between 12 and 18 years, to achieve these goals. All that has the help of an interactive platform that is configured according to the needs of users, ie teachers.



Support to organisations and professionals interested in using MOTIVA e-learning platform and contents.

Public area to access allowed information (documents, reports,diffusion and dissemination events, project agenda, etc)  and communications to social networks of significative changes.

Creating a collaborative space so that teachers and educators can share their experiences in implementing MOTIVA contents.